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DeCarlo is more than just a singer/songwriter. He has a musical versatility that spaces across many genres, and his solo artist brand truly encompasses him being an avid storyteller through his passion for music and art.  With only seventeen dollars and a greyhound trip across the country, DeCarlo led a personal pursuit to fulfill his dreams and creatively expressed himself under palm trees and the California sun. While in Los Angeles, DeCarlo turned his obstacles into stepping stones in order to rise above tough times. He did not allow homelessness or delayed dreams to interfere in his window of opportunity. DeCarlo's strong will and work ethic led him to work with many powerhouse artists.


DeCarlo is here to solidify his presence as an artist with his debut EP, Layers, scheduled for release in 2020 beginning with his single "Understand". Layers acts as a color palette and a narration of DeCarlo’s journey to success. It also integrates stories about his personal life experiences.

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